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Meeting Notes

WCPC Salon Notes 2013-07-23

  • We need to find a new location for meetings and salons after the December 2013 meeting.  (Thank you to Pauline Nystrom for letting us use her building's conference room these past many months!)   
  • Judy L. has been in contact with the Shoreview Community Library (near 96 & Victoria) which is open until 9 PM; however, we can only reserve two months at a time.
  • Pauline N. has reserved our current facility for the 3rd week in December (12/17).
  • Elaine offered to show Elsie Wesmark's mostly glass-mounted slides at the December Potluck.
  • Discussed meaning of "Quality of Light" (next month's category).
  • Linda R. reminded us about the upcoming N4C Convention (Nov 3-4-5).  She highly recommends attendance, and she likes the different field trips. Carpools can be arranged.
  • Pauline L. recommends the award-winning documentary about bees shown at the Lagoon Theatre recently, called "Honey Convention."  Excellent photography.